DataBoss Specifications:

  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10; x32 or x64 bit architecture.
  • Desktops, notebooks, or tablets (our test copy uses a cheap $70 tablet) are all OK to run DataBoss on.
  • Offloads the entire folder structure and the root, keeps all side files, keeps all the original file date/time stamps.
  • DataBoss can see, and work with, all your internal or external drives that have a letter assigned (including mapped network drives!)
  • Backs up your media to one or two targets (perfect for data safety, for example on the photo or video shoot, in-house or out in the field.)
  • Does not back up your system C: drive - this is by design. (There are countless other system drive backup offers.) You can, however, use your C: drive as Target to save your media backup, if you must.
  • Allows you to quickly describe your backup in human terms (ex. "New York - Times Square at night, people sitting on the red stairs") while the backup is still running. Saves time by multitasking.
  • Allows you to instantly find your backup, even years later.
  • Finds your data even if the original drive is currently disconnected, and the data has been moved!

Free Trial available, no card needed!