DataBoss Release Log

2019 April 24, DataBoss v2.4.1 "Sherlock" maintenance release:

  • Search: improved the "no results found" message. Now if a custom date range was entered, it prompts the user to check the dates (perhaps the date filter was just too restrictive.)
  • Interface: the catalog sorting instructions re-phrased
  • Forever Legacy: Title Credits updated

2019 April 19, DataBoss v2.4 "Sherlock":

  • New Search feature: Search terms limited by dates. Simply enter Start/End dates (many ways to input your dates are recognized, see DataBoss Help Tips for details) to filter the results by your preferred time frame. Local cultures and time systems supported! For example, in the US, the Months precedes the Date, but in other countries the Date precedes the Month. Depending on your local OS installation, DataBoss will correctly understand your input. You can even enter the month in your localized OS' language, such as Juni for German vs June for English!
  • New Search feature: get EVERYTHING, but filtered by your dates. To do so, just enter the Start/End Dates, then type -all- (just like that, with the dashes surrounding the word all. You will get every record within your dates! This si neat and very useful if you don't recall any keywords, but at least vaguely remember when the backup OR the files were created.
  • New Search feature: excluded words can now also be forced to "exact-match", so "-tree" will Not exclude "sTREEt" for example.
  • Search for plurals will also return the singular results (find what you didn't even think you had!) This actually is done in a very intelligent way (not just adding a letter "s" at the end of the word to make it plural. Woman-women, man-men, bus-buses, and all other declensions are done correctly.
  • Search: an apostrophe is now a part of it. Ex.: st patrick's, ol' days, O'Rourke etc. This helps making the DataBoss search more precise.
  • Catalog View improvement: the Search Box now always comes into focus automatically, saving user an extra click. This allows to enter any search terms right after opening the program.
  • Catalog View improvement: the Search Box' text color becomes contrasty as soon as the user starts typing in it (before this version, a click was required.)
  • Catalog View Improvement: global dates support! Backup Dates now adhere to the ISO-8601 standard, plus the Month Name spelled out. No more confusion whether 04-03 means April 3rd or the 4th of March, depending on your country's way to record dates. Makes it very easy to see when the particular backup was made. The Timestamp is always underneath the date now, again for the ease of viewing.
  • Description View: default window position has changed to Top-Left of the screen so it is separate from the underlying Backup View; also, so that the Backup Progress is clearly displayed.
  • Description View: clicking on the "Backup is finished but you can continue" box would make the text barely readable. Fixed. Also, added the "speaker off" mnemonics to reinforce the notion this click also cuts off the backup beeping sound.
  • Pop-up Custom Dialog box: the horizontal element in it was visually blending with the form background underneath. Fixed.
  • Pop-up Custom Dialog box: in Backup View, a better explanation is given on why does the user have to Refresh the drive list.
  • Audio confirmations (beeps) improvement: made consistent with the program operations, such as Quit or open another view. This makes it easy for the user to get a positive confirmation of the intended operation.
  • Some UI element location adjustments
  • Bug: the apostrophe in the Search terms could lead to the incorrect search results. Fixed.
  • Bug: some Dates were recorded in non-ISO8601-compliant format. This affected the newly-introduced Search By Date Range feature (above.) Your existing data is safe: even if you were affected, it will be converted to the proper format on the first load of DataBoss v2.4 automatically and quickly. Fixed.
  • Bug: on opening the Catalog View, the cursor was not always pre-focused on the Search input box. Fixed.
  • Bug: after opening the Backup View and then returning to the Catalog View, the position of the animated Wait cursor was a bit off. Fixed.
  • Bug: the animated Wait cursor's background could become opaque under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • Bug: the Scroll Back to The Selection button's visibility in the Catalog View was not in sync with other UI elements when the program was in process of being closed. Fixed.
  • Bug: in two different places, the same variable was declared differently. (Did not affect any data or main operations.) Fixed.

2019 March 13, DataBoss v2.3.1:

  • Inconsistent display of Licensee's Name between the Backup and Catalog Views: fixed
  • Bug: in some cases, Version number display was cut off - fixed
  • Bug: animated "wait" indicator was not centered in all cases - fixed
  • Application icon in the installation folder (not normally visible) was blurry - fixed
  • Improvement: the width of the Status column (only shows OK or nothing) is now shortened, freeing the space for other important information to be displayed
  • Improvement: DataBoss version number will now show even if the license has not been entered yet. This will help the user identify which license belongs to this particular DataBoss version.
  • Improvement: if there are no records yet (the Catalog is new) then Search is not even attempted. Rather, the user is notified that the catalog is empty.
  • UI: certain elements' positioning has been adjusted for better user experience.
  • Bug: the color of the Info field text in the Backup view used to change to the non-palette choice after blinking - fixed.
  • Bug: in Catalog View, the "home" button was not responding to the mouse-over event by changing its color as it should - fixed
  • Bug: in Catalog View, the "search icon" button was not responding to the mouse-over event by changing its color as it should - fixed
  • Bug: after the DPI-corrected form scaling (needed for the visual clarity), the positioning of the animated Wait Cursor was off. Fixed by making cardinal changes in the underlying programming, which will allow deployment of future versions of the overlay UI elements without a problem.

2019 March 08, DataBoss v2.3:

  • Brand-new Installer, standard to Windows and not raising any false red flags anymore
  • NEW Search Feature! Now the matching results are intelligently highlighted in color, which adapts to whether the record has been selected by the user or not. This is a major improvement.
  • NEW feature! The Back To Selection button added. Now if you have selected the record (for example, clicking on it to view your data) but then scrolled the list far away from it... and you have perhaps cataloged some thousands of records... it is still very easy to get back now. Just click a single "home" button, and you are right back at the selected record.
  • NEW feature! Universal Image Thumbnails viewer link - fixes the problem with the Windows OS not recognizing a number of (especially RAW) image formats.
  • NEW feature: links in the pop-up dialog box are now automatically resolved to be clickable - together with the cursor change to show the user they are!
  • An Improvement: crystal-clear interface now. The program scaling is now done true to the Windows DPI settings on the particular screen. Ensures perfect sharpness and true size as intended on any screen now.
  • A better mechanism for saving/retrieving the user Settings.
  • An improved explanation of the user choices in the Catalog Upgrade message box.
  • Improved handling of the Catalog database upgrades
  • An improvement: Are You Sure confirmation dialog when switching to the Backup View: now you can control whether that confirmation is displayed, or whether DataBoss just goes straight to the Backup View on one button click.
  • All the Catalog View checkboxes have been reimagined - our original design! Now much more aesthetically pleasing with rounded green "checkmarks" matching the newly developed DataBoss palette.
  • Backup View: new, better palette; clearer Source selection color-matched to the Catalog View.
  • Improved Description panel: better icons, color palette, layout, more aesthetic border.
  • Improved Fonts throughout the Catalog and Backup Views
  • Improved color palette; UX elements unified with it.
  • For clarity, the checkbox "Content editor" has been renamed to the "Description editor" in the Catalog View.
  • For clarity, the software name now displays together with the version in both Catalog and Backup views.
  • Improved How-To Tips - when you hover over [?] signs or the buttons and get an instant contextual help pop-up.
  • Customized Top Banner! Put your name (or whatever you want) in it! This is the first step to customizing the appearance of your DataBoss. We provide you with the initial file, which shows your name in a super nice "signature" font, like so:

Not only that, but you can make your own custom Top banners for your DataBoss - just the way you want it! Skinning galore :) Here's the manual on how to create your own Top Banner customization - click here.

(Or just leave it as-is. The default DataBoss top banner is pretty nice, too. Not everything needs to be customized, right?)

2019 February 6th DataBoss v2.2.1:

  • Bug fixed: under certain conditions, License/Registration code would not be accepted by the program. Fixed.
  • Branding: unified the software name spelling as DataBoss (without a whitespace between the words) throughout.

2019 January 31st DataBoss v2.2:

  • Clicking on the top DataBoss logo no longer brings up our web site. This feature proved to be prone to accidental clicks which resulted in the annoying openings of the web browser. Link removed.
  • DataBoss URLs have been corrected throughout the program.

2018 September 13th DataBoss v2.1.2:

  • - Interface: some message misspellings Fixed.
  • - Operations: one of the flags was set in the non-optimal place. Changed to the optimal place.
  • - Bug fix: under certain conditions in Backup View, DEMO COPY message would pop-up, preventing actual backup procedure from continuing. Fixed.

2018 September 4th DataBoss v2.1.1:

  • - New feature: our robust data search made even better, now with the "exact match" function. Just put your keyword/key phrase in double quotes, and DataBoss will find that exact match for you. Example: entering search keyword bird will find all records with bird and birds, but entering "bird" (note quotes around the keyword) will render only the records with the exact matching word bird in them. Neat! ...but there's more: now you can also enter exact match phrases, such as "red bird" or "Chrysler Building NYC", and DataBoss will find exact matches to your keyphrase (not just a single keyword) for you. Just like Google, but completely private without any of your data hitting the Internet for search with DataBoss ONE edition. Of course, all previously introduced search features such as fuzzy match (building will retrieve both building and buildings matches for you), and exclusion words (-building will get results without the word building, note the minus sign) are still available. All of them can be used alone or mixed in any combinations. Example: "chrysler building" new york sunset -cars or just sunset -cars
  • - New feature: your copy of DataBoss is now personalized with your name, and uniquely identified by your registration code. This also lays authentication basis for the DataBoss ANY version (in the works at this time.)
  • - Improvement: the program now starts faster.
  • - Improvement: the program's exit code has also been re-written, so it cleans after itself and also exits faster.
  • - Operations: If the user's PC does not allow creating a proper database on the first run of DataBoss, the program notifies the user to try the Run as Administrator mode, then quits automatically. The program then keeps monitoring the database' health and will alert the user to any issues. Note: so far there were NO issues with the database in any of DataBoss usage cases. This is just a robust precautionary measure.
  • - Operations: now DataBoss program can detect more database issues and fix them, including: creating a database directory; creating a database from the template; checking the existing database' version mismatch against the software version, then backing up and automatically updating the database; and more.
  • - Operations: server-side improvements, including re-programmed order processing; cleaner confirmation email; the Download link moved to the beginning of the confirmation email for the user's convenience.
  • - Operations: clicking on the "Licensed to..." field will bring up a dialog to manually change the License code without re-installing the app. Very useful when version upgrading/downgrading, changing the Edition from FREE to ONE or PLUS, etc.
  • - Interface: the program now detects primary monitor and opens there - not just on any random monitor in case there's more than one.
  • - Interface: in the Description window, the Quit button is now labeled in the clear fashion that removes ambiguity whether the existing record might be deleted. Instead of the old "Quit, don't save" it now says "Close, no changes". (The word Quit is now consistently reserved for the button to exit the DataBoss program altogether, not a particular view.)
  • - Interface: when Description window is called from the Catalog View, the main window gets semi-transparent, so to clearly bring attention to the Description window.
  • - Interface: Catalog View aesthetics completely re-worked with the improved layout and contemporary color scheme.
  • - Interface: the program's EDITION is now clearly shown right before the Version number, for ease of identification.
  • - UX: the software now guides the first-time user on what they want to do and advises on the proper settings to match their needs.
  • - UX: the Volume pop-up window is now color styled the same as the modular dialog' pop-up window for consistency.
  • - UX: pop-up dialog box now appears next to the parts of the screen or controls it is talking about, so to point the user in the right direction when it is warranted. Example: next to the checkboxes that determine whether the record opens in Windows Explorer or in the DataBoss Content Editor or in both.
  • - UX: pop-up dialog box now has Confirmation button on the right, Cancellation on the left. This conforms to the best practices of the user interface where "Yes" is considered go-ahead/move forward, which corresponds to the right-most motion. Also, smart mnemonics are added as warranted, to help the user quickly visualize which button does what.
  • - UX: in the pop-up dialog, Cancellation buttons are made visibly smaller than the Confirmation buttons, so just a quick look will tell you which is which. Plus, there's now a different color scheme between them for even easier differentiation.
  • - UX: in Catalog View without any data (new installation), the program now gently brings user's attention to what to do next, which is click on Go to Backup button.
  • - UX: Sort Column operation end confirmation message now shows exactly by which Column name was the data sorted.
  • - UX: improved error detection on DataBoss software start-up, better user notifications, smoother exit procedure.
  • - UX: in Backup View, the procedure of listing the drives is now illustrated in real-time, so the user can see what is going on at all times. Previously it may have looked like the program was hanging.
  • - UX: on program loading, the cursor changes to the Hourglass, then when the loading procedure is finished the cursor goes back to default. This is to clearly show when the program is ready for the user' input.
  • - Improvement: hundreds of lines of code have been completely re-written for the ease of maintenance, readability, and future upgrades.
  • - Bug fix: sometimes the program would throw an unhandled exception on exit. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: under certain conditions, the DataBoss software version number was not saved in its entirety in the respective backup record for reference. It did not affect the backup itself. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: the Describe This Backup button' image was sometimes cut off in the Backup View. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: in the Catalog View, the right edge of the Project column was cut off by 2 pixels. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: in Backup View, the Refresh Drive List button would show even when it was disabled by the current operations. Fixed - now it shows only when enabled.
  • - Bug fix: in Backup View, some panels would appear as if slowly drawn. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: greeting to the first-time users was placed in the wrong part of the software loading process, so as a result it was never shown. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: Search function would not yield all the results if the search word was in the Project Name rather than Description, and also depending on the order of the exact match words vs. others. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: under certain conditions, the modal dialog's pop-up window would disappear from view under some other program's window. Fixed.
  • - Bug: in certain Quit Program situations, the modal dialog would pop-up without any message showing. Fixed.
  • - Bug: in certain Quit Program situations, the modal dialog would pop-up with the previous message showing. Fixed.
  • - Bug: when the correct License key was entered, a superficial additional dialog box would still pop up. Fixed.

2018-04-17 DataBoss v1.9:

  • - Temporary official release while working on v2.0 for version ONE, set to expire shortly.

2018-04-01 DataBoss v1.7:

  • - Official release available for download

2018-03-25 DataBoss v1.7 (internal beta):

  • - Added more precise display of the drive capacity of 8GB and lower - now with decimals.
  • - Better info display during the drive listing operation.
  • - Bug fix: the data capacity of smaller drives could incorrectly show as 0 under certain circumstances, although it did not affect any functionality of this software. Fixed.
  • - Bug fix: exact data measurement of smaller drives: the drive capacity was not unified between different parts of the program. Fixed.

2018-02-24 DataBoss v1.6:

  • - Bug fix: info messages for newly-installed DataBoss software kept erroneously stating that nothing is in the catalog (see Video Tutorial), even after the backup(s) were already cataloged. The error would go away on re-start of the software but looked misleading. Fixed.

2018-02-24 DataBoss v1.5.3:

  • - Bug fix: accounts for the difference in the Time formats in the localized Windows versions throughout the world.

2018-02-24 DataBoss v1.5:

  • - New: Contextual Help now guides the first-time user. Very useful to quickly learn what to do next!
  • - New: now it is allowed to edit Description/Project for the failed backups, too. Could be helpful if the description was never entered at the time of the backup attempt, or if it needs to be changed after the fact.
  • - Clicking on the Catalog's Header would report "Column re-sorted" even if there was no data in the column. Fixed.
  • - Bug: re-sorting the catalog by the Header sometimes would produce unexpected results. Fixed.
  • - Bug: under some conditions, the Wait Spinner was unstable. Fixed.
  • - A notice has been added that this v1 generation software will be replaced by v2 on March 31, 2018

2018-02-12 DataBoss v1.4:

  • - Intelligent Search: improvements include automatically search for Project and Camera data, Not just Description.
  • - Source Drive formatting: much improved with no extra window to pop up; better information to the user; and better options - now Right-click on the Source drive filed at any point to format that drive. Very useful for the situations when your camera does not have internal formatting (for example, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras 2K etc.)
  • - Formatting is now double-checked. An accidental confirmation first time will not result in any loss of data.
  • - UX improvement: if desired, the user can now choose to Exit the program directly from the Backup View, without first going to the Smart Catalog view as before.

2018-02-10 DataBoss v1.3:

  • - New feature: if the original backup location has changed, the new location is now found automatically. The user has an option to update the record with this newly-found location if the move was permanent (such as drive change etc.).
  • - An issue with Exclude From Search: inputting a word with a dash in it, ex.: "heavy-weight", was misinterpreted as "heavy -weight", meaning Exclude "weight" from the search for "heavy". Fixed: now excluded words have to have both a space and a dash sign in front of them, not just a dash sign.
  • - All Edits are now instantaneous and no longer require waiting for catalog view to refresh. Makes it easy to perform multiple sequential edits if needed, without any delay.
  • - Catalog notices' logic improved.
  • - Info notices are now displaying more concise and clear messages to the user.
  • - Bug: notification audio sounded harsh in some scenarios. Fixed.

2018-02-05 DataBoss v1.2:

  • - Now quickly and confidently finds the backup on any connected drive, not just the one where the backup was originally saved. Effortless to the user.
  • - The user can now pre-set whether to Open the particular backup folder in Windows Explorer or to edit Description/Project info, or both. Very convenient. The settings can be changed at any time.

2018-02-03 DataBoss v1.1.1:

  • - Overall speed improvement - the data display is now faster
  • - UI improvement: better design and color gamut for pleasant experience without sacrificing simplicity and clarity.
  • - UX improvement: now, on return from the Backup View, the Catalog View only refreshes if any Backup operations were actually performed. Improves speed of the interface by not refreshing the database if no changes were made.
  • - Better highlighting of the search words

2018-02-02 DataBoss v1.1:

  • - App now always opens in the middle of the Primary monitor, even if there is more than one monitor present. This also fixes the incorrect size/resolution of the app if the Secondary monitor has a different resolution from the Primary one, as is often the case.The user can then reposition the app any way they want.
  • - The much improved intelligent operation for cases when the backup folder cannot be found in the original location
  • - Bug fix: the taskbar icon sometimes lingered after the app was closed. Fixed.

2018-01-29 DataBoss v1.0 continued improvements in preparation for v2 transition:

  • - Catalog View and backup View used two different systems of UI messaging. Unified to the separate-thread messaging system for highly responsive, consistent User Experience.
  • - Bug fix: going back from Backup to the Catalog View, the Catalog would not refresh. Fixed.

2018-01-28: DataBoss v2 funded on Kickstarter!

  • - v2 development started


  • - The improved version of DataBoss alpha-released with the aim of offering it as a public download eventually

Y 2014-2017

  • - Internal use of DataBoss in our own company with great success

Y 2014:

  • - Development of DataBoss software started