DataBoss: Skinning Guide

Want to make this software more... you? Go right ahead! DataBoss allows you to do the customizations (skinning) as follows.

From the DataBoss version 2.3 and up:

  • You can customize Top Banners in both Catalog and Backup Views (tabs).

(in absence of the correct customization skins, the software will display the default ones already built-in, no worries.)

How-to: create a png file with your name or whatever you like. Place it in your PC's folder: C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\DataBoss_Skins

You can customize only one, or both top banners (without the customization, they will just say Data Boss.) The distinction between the banners is in their name (see below - note C vs B letters, which stand for Catalog and Backup, accordingly.)

This means you could create two different Top Banners, one for the Catalog View and another for Backup View. We suggest they differ only in the font color (HEX values below.) But of course, you can make them totally different, indeed. This is YOUR software, run it and run with it!


The minimum byte size requirement for the Top Banner png files: 100 bytes.

Custom files naming / format convention:




... for Catalog and Backup views, accordingly.

Pixel dimensions: 330wx40h.

Customizations will only show after the program is Registered (be it Free, One, etc.)

Text color of dbskinCtop.png: #EFEFEF

Text color of dbskinBtop.png: #13324E

Custom Top Banner(s) should be placed in the following folder on your PC: C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\DataBoss_Skins

None of those files are required, but if they are present, then DataBoss v2.3 and up will detect and use them.

Have fun customizing!

(or ask us to do it for you in case you don't have the time to fiddle with it)