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DataBoss: learn how easy it is to FIND all your data - photos, videos, any digital files.

DataBoss v2.4 Sherlock: what's new in this release (answer: a lot! Technical release log here.)

How does DataBoss help me save, then quickly find my data?

DataBoss has two intuitive views, one for Backup and one for Catalog. First you backup your data from your media (card/drive etc.), at which point DataBoss extracts metadata and does other smart things behind the scene. DataBoss also allows you to describe your data in your own human terms. Then, you go to the Smart Catalog that shows you all your data. There, you can very quickly browse or search, to easily for whatever you need.

How fast is DataBoss?

About as fast as your Windows PC allows.

What is the latest version of DataBoss?

Please see the Release Log, it always shows the latest public version of our software, as well as upcoming developments.

How do I know which DataBoss version is currently installed on my machine?

It shows in the DataBoss window on top.

DataBoss usage: How do I do this...?

What should I do when I first open my DataBoss software?

You start with making a backup. Just go to the Backup view by clicking the "Go to Backup" button.

(Note: if you'd rather always start in Backup instead of the default Catalog view, then simply check the "start in backup" box. It will then go straight to Backup View next time you start the program.)

How do I back up my card or drive?

Just connect it to your PC running DataBoss. Your computer will list your media. In DataBoss, go to Backup view and click the Refresh button to see all the listed drives, including the newly-connected ones.

We made it so the system drives go to the bottom, while removable drives go to the top of the list - they are likely the ones you want to backup.

Then just follow the instructions on-screen to make your backup.

How do I clone my system C: drive with DataBoss?

You can't since DataBoss is not designed for that. Rather, it is a very powerful - yet easy to use - backup and cataloging system for any (other than the C) card or drive you'd like to backup, then find its data later on at any time, easily. It does not clone drives, but it copies and then lets you easily manage their data. Example: your SD/CF/SSD media with photos or any other files. DataBoss shines there.

I have accumulated many video files in my current project, or in my stock footage collection. How do I manage them for easy keyword searches?

First, make sure you always do your card/drive Backup with DataBoss. Enter Description. Then DataBoss will allow you to search and quickly find all your data in its Smart Catalog view.

(In the future, we are planning to introduce a feature that would allow users to process already-backed-up folders via DataBoss, but right now you need to backup using DataBoss, to begin with, for best results.)

Can I customize DataBoss? Is skinning allowed?

Yes and yes! Please click here for details.

Your question still Unanswered?

I read all of the above, but still, I have some unanswered questions?

There's a DataBoss tutorial video, with chapters that show you how to do anything you want with DataBoss. Click and jump to the point of your interest directly if you wish, rather than sitting through the entire presentation.

For fast email support, just drop us a line via the Contact Us page, we’ll be happy to help!