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The easiest, smartest way to back up, then find all your data anytime

Works on Windows 7 - 10, tablets/desktops/laptops

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Example: one order for FREE TRIAL only; complete the checkout. Another order for DataBoss ONE.

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DataBoss Specifications:

  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10; x32 or x64 bit architecture.
  • Desktops or tablets (our test copy uses a cheap $70 tablet) are all OK.
  • DataBoss can see, and work with, all internal or external drives that have a letter assigned (including mapped network drives!)
  • Does not back up your system C: drive - this is by design. There are countless other system drive backup offers. You can, however, use your C: drive as Target for your media backup, if you like.
  • Backs up your media to one or two targets (fantastic for data safety, for example on the photo or video shoot, in-house or out in the field.)
  • Allows you to quickly describe your media in human terms (ex. "New York - Times Square at night, people sitting on the red stairs") while the backup is still running. Saves time by multitasking.
  • Allows you to easily and instantly find your data later - even years later - by both your description and media data. No need to tag every file manually!
  • Finds your data even if the original drive it was backed up to is currently disconnected!

Your data beauty and the DataBoss' beastly power = your images are protected and cherished! (photos, videos, any files indeed. Live happily ever after downloading DataBoss.)

DataBoss One provides maximum security: this edition never connects to the Internet, so your data is completely safe. This also means it will forever be local to your PC.

DataBoss FREE Trial gets you 14 days of the full-featured trial of the DataBoss One edition. This lets you try before you buy. After the initial 14 days from the download, it limits its features - but your data is still there!

DataBoss Plus (coming up), on contrast to the One edition, is universally connected so you can have it installed on as many PCs of yours as you like - and sync your DataBoss data between them. Even better: DataBoss PLUS' data search is also accessible via any Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet or another PC, wherever you are in the world!

So, choose total privacy (ONE) that works on a single PC, or total connectivity (PLUS) that works on all the PCs you have and syncs all of their DataBoss data. (Not to say that PLUS is not secure - it is as secure as anything connected to the Internet can possibly be!)

Super stable. No funny business losing your data/settings.